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Who's A Terrorist? The American military budget dwarfs anything else on earth. Presently, the US spends 5 times what China spends and 23 times the combined military budgets of the countries the US labels “rogue regimes”.

This website can no longer be updated on a regular basis. Please use it as a reference for accurate historical information (partially contributed by Dr. Pipes Plumbers as well as a source for regularly updated links.



It Keeps Getting Scarier and Scarier ( that is the unsettling reality that the US has decided it can nuke anyone when the mood strikes ) ( Executive Intelligence Review )

The imaginary 'axis of evil' ( Asia Times )

Rachel, an activist in Palestine, was mowed down by an Israeli tank - This is Rachel in her own words ( The Guardian of Great Britain )


Both the US or Israel are signatories the Chemical Weapons Convention, neither have ratified the treaty. The US and Russia are the biggest chemical rogues. ( Women's International League for Peace and Freedom )

Compare American and Chinese military spending - the US spends 5X ( Asia Times )

And then for more laughs compare the military power of the US and of Britain to that of Iraq ( Asia Times )

Yes, Virginia, weapons of mass destruction Made in the USA do kill people! ( Federation of American Scientists )

Quiz Show

Quiz yourself on the only democracy in the Middle East. ( Palestine Remembered )

Bombing Iraq to Protect Israel ( Media Monitor )

Workers' rights in the only democracy in the Middle East ( LAW Society )


Iraq's Arsenal Dwarfed by Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction ( The Wisdom Fund )

Iraq as a threat to the security of the planet surely qualifies as the Mother of All Inventions - Iraq: The Torrent of Lies ( How true this is now becoming increasingly obvious.) ( Media Monitors Network )

Iraq stands in violation of 16 U.N. resolutions while Israel is in violation of 85. So why aren't we bombing Tel Aviv? ( )

The Nuclear Bomb Hoax ( The Wisdom Fund )

New Zealand

A view of the gargantuan American military budget as well as the costs of militarism and war for the human race not from big bad Arabs but from New Zealand. ( Peace Aotearoa )


The 20% of Palestine aportioned out in bite-sized pieces hasn't gotten much sound bite here in the good ole' USA. This is what Barak was willing to give the Palestinians before Sharon occupied even this.... ( Gush Shalom )


Settlement building in the Occupied Territories picked up pace in the past two years with 44 new settlements begun since February of 2001, nine of those between March and June of 2002, all of them illegal. ( CNI )

Pro-Israeli Lobbyists Quietly Backed Resolution allowing Bush to Commit US Troops to Combat (1991) ( Radio Islam )


In fact, the peace process was more like a let's really stick to the Palestinians all about it including how Sharon's provocative vist to Al Aqsa triggered a confrontation that began with 30 Palestinian dead and 500 wounded although no weapon had been raised against the Israeli Defense Force. ( Le Monde Dipolmatique )


Think all those Afghani woemn are better off under the new regime? Surprise, surprise! ( Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan )


The Fire Last this for a description of what the U.S. military did to Iraq in the Persian Gulf War. Let's hope past is not prologue but you know it is. ( International Action Coalition )

The lowdown on sanctions ( Voices in the Wilderness )

The horror that was the Ameriya Shelter ( Iraq News Agency )

One month saw 15,000 starved to death from sanctions ( Orient Magazine )


With 20 Zionist Jews in the Bush Cabinet and one pro-war Afghani doesn't the slant seem a little obvious? ( GlobalSpin )

Behind the Iraq Dossier Hoax: Intelligence Was Cooked in Israel ( Executive Intelligence Review )

The Mega-Maniacs Steering Sharon's Mideast War Drive ( Executive Intelligence Review )

Made in the USA? - A Bush-Sharon Doctrine? ( Miftah )

Inside Job - The Pollard Afair Never Ended! ( Executive Intelligence Review )

The American Congress is vitually locked down by the Israeli Lobby with less than 2% voting against pro-Israeli legislature. Check here for the voting records of the members of Congress. ( American Muslims for Jerusalem )


As of July, 2002 Israel had killed 3000 Palestinians ( 4X its own death rate); wounded another 30,000 ( conservative estimate); murdered 100 political activists in cold blood; murdered 500 Palestinian children; blown up 7000 Palestinian homes; uprooted 100,000 olive trees in Palestine; and now completely occupies the 20% of original Palestine that was to be the Palestinian state and yet has the unmitigated gall to call the Palestinians 'terrorists'. ( )

The murder of Palestinians - (This, too, is a partial report. I guess it's tricky maintaining a news service under fire or under curfew.) ( International Solidarity Movement )

This was a collection of very graphic photos that Israeli leaders would rather you not see. ( )

Destroying the Threadbare Palestinian Economy ( Miftah )

Killing Them Daily with Your Dough ( Electronic Intifada )

Attacks on medical personnel in the pursuit of duty ( JMCC)

Home Demolitions ( Miftah )

The murder of political activists ( Miftah )


Scott Ritter, Marine captain, said "We destroyed all the facilities. We destroyed the means of production..." ( 1991) The US is going to war only after making sure the "enemy" is disarmed! ! ! ( Truth Now )

Ownership of the U.S media is important ( Radio Islam )

DisUnited Kingdom

US claim dismissed by Blix ( The Guardian )

Robin Cook Books ( The Guardian )


Major Victory - One Arab-American Made It To The State Department ( Al Ahram )


Israelis kill, maim, imprison Palestinians on a daily basis though the American press picks up a fraction of this information. See Al Manar for good daily coverage of Israeli atrocities in the Territories and most likely, the the upcoming slaughter of Iraqis. ( Al Manar )

Israel occupied Lebanon for nearly 20 years and was responsible for 30,000 deaths and the displacement of 500,000 people. The story is in "Lebanon, Israel's Killing Fields". ( Radio Islam )


Israel has repeatedly double-crossed the US yet gets one-third of all more foreign aid with another $12 billion on the way. Isn't this is a little over the top? ( )

( GlobalSpin )

Israel' role in China's new warplane ( Asia Times )

The US LIberty stands out amoung Israeli betrayals of its mentor ( CNI )

Israeli Foreign Policy after the Oslo Accord (Nov. 1993) ( Open Secrets Israel Sharak )

Next on the hit list are Iran and Syria - Israeli Policies Toward Iran and Syria ( Open Secrets Israel Sharak )

Freedom of the Press

The Daniel Pearl story gets repeated exposure on CNN yet no mention of the 10 journalists Israel has killed in Palestine in the past two years, or the 35+ they have injured. No mention of the destruction of the Palestine Broadcast Center in Ramallah... ( Arabic News )

Who owns the major press in the United States does matter ( Radio Islam )

An Arab journalist's experience in Palestine ( Al Ahram )

Lies, damn lies and then there's the American press - "This time I'm scared" ( The Guardian of Great Britain )

The Best of the Rest

Conspiracy theories are now a growth industry - one of the few - much chatter the Bush-Bin Laden connection. See Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots for one that cuts to the chase. ( Public Action )

The Perplexing Puzzle of the Published Passenger Lists ( Reality Check )


... so what did happen at the Hotel Paradise? ( Joe Vialls )

Nukes and Spooks

Israeli Foreign Policy: The Weapons Manufacturing Industry ( Third World Traveler )

Increasingly it is known that Israel's Nukes number 400+; what isn't known is that they have replaced Britain as number 4 in the list of military powers. ( Third World Traveler )

How the Mossad Got America to Bomb Libya, Fight Iraq and Love the Bomb ( Victor Ostrovsky )

(The Jerusalem Post )


Jenin camp - horrific beyond belief Funny the stories that get buried ( BBC )

Funny, the stories that never get mentioned! Despite court's decision, Israeli forces move bodies from Jenin ( LAW Society )


Recently the Turkish parliament requested that the US not use its country as a takeoff point for flights against Iraq so the US is marching the army through instead. American concern for the well being of the Kurds was strangely limited to the condition of the Kurds in Iraq. . . See - A People Betrayed ( GlobalSpin )

What it's like being Kurdish in Turkey. . . ( Kurdish Information )


Notice the difference in tone the foreign press... ( The Irish Times )


Aussies not all on board ( Sidney Morning Herald )

Israel Plans Blitzkrieg on Arab Oil Fields ( Joe Vialls )

The Mideast

America wants to wage war on all of us - Regime change seen as new term for old enemy: colonisation ( The Guardian of Great Britains )