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Reality Bytes
How Diamonds Fuelled the Conflict
Africa Confidential
World News Sources

Press Links to Newspapers from Around the Globe


AfricAsia ("most widely read Pan African monthly, based in London))

Africa Confidential (Bi-weekly synposis of special reports by country)

Africa Analysis

Africa Intelligence ((Who's Buying What - Corporate Moves on the Great Continent.)

Afronet on OneWorld


 Addis Tribune (Conscience Nurtured by Truth)


 Ghanian Chronicle

Ghanian Newsruner (For the Ghanian community in the Netherlands:needs high screen resolution)

Ivory Coast

 LeJour (French; out of Abidjan)


The Nation (Nairobi major newspaper)

The East African (Political Magazine)


 Midi Madagascar (French and Malagasy only)


 L'Express (French Only)

Morocco Today ( The only paper in English; Internet paper with investor, tourist information)


The Guardian (the most serious paper in Nigeria)

P.M. News (reputable, most widely read of evening papers)

Post Express (most high tech of Nigerian papers, traditionally pro-government)

Mosop)Ogoni, Mosop, Saro-Wiwa Movement for the Survival of the Igoni People


Government source for basic information
South Africa

Independent Papers of South Africa (includes the  Star
(Johannesburg), and Sunday Times (the largest paper)

The Mail & Guardian (best site-updated hourly)

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone News

Focus on Sierra LeoneIncisive political analysis provided by the brother of Sierra Leone's archbishop

ExpotimesPublished "online" by Ibrahim Seaga shaw since 3/00

The Pool Newspaper forced out of operation in 1997 by the government,resurfaced after the Lome Peace Accords


Press Services (the only private wire service)

The Express


The Uganda Monitor (subscription only except for back issues)


 The Post

 The Daily Mail ("We Serve the Country without Fear or Favour")


 The Herald
 The Zimbabwe Independent

 The Zimbabwe Standard
The Americas


Buenos Aires Herald  (only English language daily in Argentina,
founded 1876 by a Scot, liberal)

Pagina12 (Spanish only)


The Reporter

The Amandala, the Oldest paper in Belize


Bermuda Sun


 Bolivian Times (in English; free sample copy)

 El Diario ( out of La Paz)

 Los Tiempos Digital


Estado de S. Paulo (Portugese with English page)

Agencia Estado (Portugese only)

Hora do Povo (Progressive, independent paper in Portugese)


 El Mercurio ( out of Santiago)


Canadian Broadcasting Co.

Toronto Star (liberal)

">The National Post

The Globe and Mail
The Montreal Gazette

London Free Press (London, Ontario; appears to be very net, very now)


El TiempoColombia's Most Right-Wing Paper

El Pais

Columbian Support Network

A Guide to Human Rights Websites in Latin America

Z Magazine's page Peace in Colombia

Costa Rica

Nacion (in Spanish with English pages)

Tico Times (Weekly in English, tourism and cultural news)

El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy (In Spanish)
Prensa Grafica ("balanced" coverage of the issues, in Spanish)

EPICA (Ecumenical Program of Central America and the Caribbean)

Washington Office on Latin America (This organization also has information on Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua)

Co-Latino (alternative press, Spanish)


Siglo Veinte-Uno (liberal)

Prensa Libre (conservative)

La Hora (progressive)

Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Rights Action (Formerly Guatemala Partners (Supports communities in Guatemala and Chiapas
with sustainable development and human rights advocacy)


  Honduras This Week Online  (in English)


La Jornada (left)

El Universal (centrist)

La Reforma (right)

Proceso ( Spanish only )

Excelsior (Spanish only; covers UN, markets, politics
affecting bi-lateral issues)

President's Website

Z Magazine's PageZapatista Connections


Noticias de Nicagua en Sintesis (In Spanish)
(sources from Nicaraguan Tv, radio, and newspapers)

La Prensa (Founded by the Chamorro family, once pro-Sandinista,
now more mainstream liberal))

El Nuevo Diario


 Cambio (San Isdro,in Spanish)

 La Republica (Lima, in Spanish)

 Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru (in English)


El Nacional (major paper, centrist)

Venezuela's electronic News (in English)

The Daily Journal (English language investor's publication)
Call 011 582-562-1122


Directory of Spanish Language Press



The New Nation

The Independent Internet Edition

The Daily Star News ( possible the most read English language daily in Bangladesh )


Borneo Bulletin (serving the highest income per capital population on the planet)

Burma (aka Myanmar)

The Burmese Foreign Ministry

The Burmese Government

International Activists' Site

E-mail Address for Asia Pacific Center

IrrawaddyPolitical Magazine on Burma


Phnom Penh Post (English language independent newspaper 2X monthly)


The China Daily

The South China Morning Post (business paper out of Hong Kong)

Shanghai Daily

The People's Daily ( the Chinese government's paper, English edition)

The Guangzhou Ribao ( local, national, and world news with English selections)

The Asian Times (China, south Asia, Japan, Korea,  India,
Pakistan, Central Asia, Oceania

English Language China News Website

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Standard


Asahi (Japanese TV, English sub-section)

The Japan Times

((The Mainichi Interactive)

(Yomiuri Online)


Afternoon Dispatch Courier (Bombay since 1985)

Deccan Chronicle

The Indian Express

The Hindu( A National Newspaper)

The Hindustan Times

India Times

The Times of India

Thina Boomi

The Statesman (from Calcutta)

The Telegraph (Calcutta)


 Jakarta Post ("Journal of Indonesia today")

East Timor (go to Timor Postings)

Z Mag's East Timor Page East Timor's Struggle for Independence

News From East Timor

Indonesian Observer


Miadhu (in local lingo with English scroll)


 Kashmir Website (A website dedicated to the political struggle of Kashmir)


Salaam  (The Asian Wall Street Journal in Kuala Lumpur)

New Malaysia Free Press

The Star Bringing Malaysian News to the World

The Straits Times, New Sunday Times, and Business Times

Daily Express ( Independent National Newspaper of East Malaysia)

Kathmandu Post and others

The People's Review

North Korea

Provided by Korean News Service in Japan

The People's Korea

The Dawn ( a lively political newspaper)

The Nation (Pakistan's First Online Newspaper)

 The News International from the Jang Group of Newspapers

 Urooj (in Urdu only)

Papua New Guinea

 The National


Business World

Filipino Express (for the Philippine American Community)

Manila Bulletin ("The Nation's Leading Newspaper")

The Freeman (Cebu province)

Star News (Truth Shall Prevail)

Straits Times
The Electric New Paper
South Korea

Chosun Ilbo(The Largest Newspaper, Korean and English)

Jong-ang Ilbo(Korean and English with a special section on North Korea)

The Korea Herald

The Korean Times (English language paper in Seoul)
Sri Lanka

The Daily News

Sri Lanka High Commissioner of Canada (for travel
and news)
 Sunday Times

 The Island (Serving the country with the highest literacy rate in SE Asia, 86%)

 TamilNet (the Official Newsletter of LTTE, the Tamil Independence Movement)


 China Times


The Bangkok Post ("Your Window on the Kingdom")
 The Nation (Thailand's Independent Daily News)


Tibet on the Net ("The Tibetan Government in Exile")

Save Tibet (Advocacy for Tibetans )


 Tonga Chronicle ("The First Pacific Newsfeed on the Internet"; weather courtesy of


Vietnam News Agency (out of Hanoi)

Nguoi Viet Daily (Vietnamese and English daily)

Vietnam Nationalist Party (Nationalist Vietnamese site based in the US)

News of Australia

Australia Broadcasting Co.

Canberra Times

The Age (Melbourne)

Sydney Morning Herald

Radio Australia

Nexus Magazine

...and  New Zealand/Aotearoa

Christchurch Press

New Zealand Herald

The Listener (Weekly radio magazine with alternative viewpoints)

RadioNZ (has links to TVNZ)

Local News Updates

National Networking Group for Peace People

Peace Movement Aotearoa

Peace Channel

Links to 30,000 new Zealand Sites

Search Engine for New Zealand


Cuba Free Press (right wing)

Radio Havana
Radio Havana (translated by an American source)

Cuban Government

Prensa Latina ( left wing, some English by  subscription,
under construction))

Dominican Republic

News & Information Service (in English)


Haiti Progres (progressive paper in Creole, French  and

Haiti Times (from Haiti in English)

Haiti Support Group London

Haiti Reborn (a project of the Quijote Center)

Haiti Online (in French)

This Week in Haiti

Haitian News Sites & Links


Jamaica Gleaner (out of Kingston)

Radio Jamaica  (It's Like whistling at work")

Netherlands Antilles

 Amigoe (Serving Aruba, Bonaire, and Caracao; in Dutch)

Puerto Rico
 El Nuevo Dia

 Z Magazine's Puerto Rico page

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Guardian A Guide to Newspapers Around the Caribbean


Eastern Europe


Albania Homepage


News of the Balkans


Minsk News (not updated since Sep. 1998)
Czech Republic

Carolina (Journalism Review Produced by Czech J Students in English and Czech


Estonian News on the Web (Estonian and English)


Nepszabadsag (Budapest daily, 300,000 circ. Hungarian  only)



ZMagazine's Page on Kosovo


Government Homepage

Macedonian Press Agency


Polish Embassy Website (with official information on the Polish government, national history, cultural events, and current policy statements; links to Polish Wire Service, Polish correspondents in the U.S. and Polish media)

 Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland's largest newspaper; Polish only)

 Warsaw Voice (in English, updated weekly)

 Polish Hubs (links to government and other sites)

Polish Website (Polish)

Polish Website (Polish)

A Polish government website

Monitorul OnLine(Romanian and English)

Romanian Welcome
Photos of Romanian gypsies



Izvestia  (Once the Russian government organ, it is  now the
Russia Online Source for many Russian links, some English Language articles)

Moscow Times (subscription only)

Russia Journal (The Russia Journal, updated weekly, out of Moscow)

St. Petersburg Times (Online since 1994, English language
newspaper of St. Petersburg)

Integrum World Wide (Largest Online Infomration Service in Russia and former USSR countries; 1300 databases and 35 million documents; on pay per view subscriber basis)

CDI Weekly ( A good compilation of papers from  Russia including
the Moscow Times, the St.Petersburg  Times and others from CDI in

Russia Today (New, western-oriented news and business

Vladivostok News (The Russian Far East's Only English Language Newspaper)

Z magazine's Russia pags

Chechen Leader, Basayev, website

Kavkaz News (News from Chechnya)

Left Russia(leftist Russian Political Magazine)

Serbia Info

Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren


Siberian Civic Initiatives Support Center
(Describes Center and projects targeted at NGOs relations
with business and government)

Kiev's English Language Newspaper


Borba (80 year old government paper in Belgrade)

Croatian Official Site

B92 (Independent radio station)

More Yugoslav sites at:

Western Europe


Die Presse (English language section includes news, opinion, sports)


Le Soir (Independent newspaper, French only)

British Isles


The Times ( possibly the world's most famous paper)

The Sunday Times (their Sunday Edition)

The British Broadcasting Corporation

Independent Television Network

The Guardian ( left-liberal slant)

The Independent  (politically independent)

The Daily Telegraph ( Conrad Back owned tabloid)

The Financial Times (information on world finance)


The Irish Times

Nationalist and Leister Times (Founded in 1883, Services the richest buying population)

The Irish Independent

Sinn Fein(We Ourselves, Sinn Fein)


The Herald of Scotland

The Record & Mail

The Evening Telegraph &

Scotland's Voice, GUST-Glascow University Student  Television
with links to other student stations in the British Isles and a
provocatively named arts show, G-Spot

The Copenhagen Post (Danish news and current affairs  in English)

Jyllands-Posten (sorry, no English language pages)


Le Monde Electronique ( Paris' premier newspaper, in French)

Le Monde Electronique & Diplomatique ( Le Monde's diplomatic analysis and editorial pages in English, some by subscription, some not)

Le Monde Electronique ( Paris' premier newspaper, in French)

Le Figaro ( Paris' other great newspaper, French only)

Political Resources (A listing of French political parties)

Liberation (Left wing in French only)

The Tocqueville Connection (mainstream business  website)

French Embassy Washington, D.C.

French Government Paris


Deutsche Welle (German International News Radio)
English, Spanish, French)

Frankfurter Rundschau (global magazine)

Die Welt (conservative news weekly)
Geo Magazine (Covering Environment, science and culture in
German, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean  and Japanese)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Athens News (founded 1952 as English language daily, first Greek
paper on the net)

Athens News Agency

The New Star (Coming, News only from Greece)

The New Europe (Business and economic news from Eastern and Central Europe and the Transcaucasus)


La Repubblica (right wing-Italian only)

La Stampa (left-Italian)

Il Manifesto (communist, Based in Rome, Italian only)

The Offical Vatican City Website

The Netherlands

The Netherlander (English language newswekly)


The Norway Daily (English language daily news)


(Correio da Manha, Lisbon, Portugese)

The News (Portugal's Weekend Newsaper in English)


ABC ABC Electronico (Madrid conservative, Spanish only)

El Pais (left-wing, newspaper-Spanish only)

Expansion (new business site)


The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (Their mission is peace; their home is Sweden; their means is to present you with alternative news and information than that of Western corporate media.)


Tribune de Geneve (Out of Geneva, in French only)

Neue Zurcher Zeitung (German, Zurich, English window includes world news, editorials and background world news items)

Giornale del Popolo (in Italian, out of Lugano)
Middle East


Afghanistan on the Web


The Armenian Reporter (published in New York)




The Bahrain Tribune


Al-Ahram (in English)

Middle East Times


IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency)

Iran Daily


Iraq News Agency

EPIC (Education for Peace in Iraq

Voices in the WildernessA Group Dedicated to Ending the Sanctions

International Action Center page on Iraq

Iraq Action Website

Poetry, Art, Music and Humor


The Jerusalem Post (right wing)

Ha'aretz (Liberal newspaper))
Ariga (From Israel in English)


The Jordan Times

The Jordan Star (Political, economic and cultural

Petra News Agency  (government news agency)


Kuwait Times (From Kuwait in English)


Links to Lebanon
 (links to several French, Arabic, and
English language newspapers, magazines, and TV)

From the Lebanese Diaspora

Al Manar (Lebanese TV fromthe Israel-Lebanon front)

Hizbollah (Palestinian Resistance Movement in Lebanon)


Palestine Links (the complete guide to Palestinian websites from Birzeit Univeristy)

The Jerusalem Times (Al Amin)

The Jerusalem Media & Communication Center

The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine in Washington, D.C. ( An Educational Program)

Miftah The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of
Global Dialogue and Democracy

Right of Return Established in Recognition of and Promotion of
International Law Protecting the Palestinian Right of Return

Palestine Net

Al Awda ( The Palestinian Right of Return Coalition )

Kul Al-Arab (Arabic only)


Gulf Times

Saudi Arabia

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (From Saudi Arabia in English and  Arabic)


Syrian News Agency

Syrian Times

Al Thawa (Arabic Political Newspaper)


The Turkish Daily News (from Turkey in English)

News for and from the Kurdish community (in English)

United Arab Emirates

Khaleej Times

Yemen Times (Yemen's only English and independent


Islam Q&A

Resources for Women in the Middle East

MiddleXpress ( news regarding Bahrain, Iran, Iraq,  Kuwait,
Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, & Yemen

Ain al-Yaqeen (Weekly Arab Political Magazine based in Saudi Arabia)

Middle East Economic Survey

Middle East Realities (Go to [email protected] for a non-traditional source for
news, from the USA)

Islam Online
Wire Services


Africa Online (Pan Africa News Agency-"Reporting on Africa by Africans")
Excellent source for many African newspapers
BBC Focus on Africa

Media Institute of Southern Africa
on Afronet

Africa News Online ( a news service funded by New Africa
Advisors, The Ford foundation)


Resource Center of the Americas


The Times of Central Asia

Kyodo Wire News Service (from Japan)

Xinhua News Agency  (China, by subscription only)


ANSA (Italian news service English/Spanish pages)

EFE (Spanish Wire Service) (look up  English language pages)

Euroweek (Keep your eye on the money, what's current with the
new currency

Itar-Tass (Russian News Service)

Middle East Islamist Online Magazine)

Al Jazeera (extremely extensive collection of info and links on
the Middle East, Saudi owned)

Arabic News

Website to Arab Political and Cultural Sites

Orient Magazine


Agence France Press
Agence France Presse Home in English via Yahoo

Interpress (Leading provider of information on global human
security, by subscription only)

Witness (Online documentary series on Central Asia, based in
France, updated very two weeks)

Nando Times/BBC/Yahoo/Reuters/Newsday

Reuters World

Third World Network (Covers environmental, human
rights, women and gender)

World Megastories (world headlines and stories, U.S. based)

World Socialist Organization (world politics from the socialist perspective)

ZNET (Extensive set of links to left wing websites on many subjects )

Stratfor (An Intellegence website for the Business Community)

BBC Monitoring (BBC Service that selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries and in more than 70 languages)

World Federalist Association ("Global Problems Need Global Solutions", Headquartered in Washington, D.C., WFA is part of the world federalist movement)

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (For an "In the Field" look at crises' situations around the world)

Post 911 Websites

( War in Palestine )

What Really Happened? ( A Look at the Stuff They Leave Out ) ( Libertarian, antiwar website )

Jeff Rense ( Multi-ideological, multi-planetary perspective, news from here and above )

The Birdman ( White vs. black, libertarian vs. Catholic, Jews vs. white, conservative vs. left, and so on and so forth: a no holds barred look at America's divides, ideological and other )

One World (Progressive website with a global perspective)

Advocacy Project (Advocacy for the Exploited)

Al Aqsa Intifada "This site is dedicated to our precious martyrs - may their souls rest in peace."

Alliance for Global Justice (Consortium that includes Nicaragua Network, Chiapas Media Project, and Mexico Solidarity Network)

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

American-Arab anti-Discrimination Committee (defends civil rights for Arab-Americans and promotes self-determination for the Palestinians and calls for the end of the war on Iraq)

Americans for Peace Now (Education on the Middle East, promotes Security through Peace, fundraising for PeaceNow in Israel.)

American Kurdish Information (Seeks to foster friendship between Americans and Kurds, provides education on Kurdistan.)

Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace

Bank Information Center for NGOs

Center on Conscience and War (Provides legal counseling and suport to consientious objectors, political asylum seekers.)

Center for International Policy (Promotes a U.S. foreign policy that is more sympathetic, far-sighted, and non-militaristic.)

Center for International Environmental Law

Council for Economic Policy Reform (Advocates Policy Change for the World Bank and the IMF)

Columban Father's Justice and Peace Office (Addresses issues of social concern in latin America and Asia.)

Committee to Free Lori Berenson

Corporation Watch

Council for the National Interest

The Development Gap (Dedicated to Economic Justice and building local capacity for social change)

Disarmament Clearinghouse (Provides resources for disarmament groups)

FACES (Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solutions (Seeks justice for those affected by environmental contamination at former U.S. military bases.)

50 Years (Activist organization which scrutinizes the policies of the World Bank and the IMF)

Federation of American Scientists (Tracks American Arms Sales)

Free China Movement (Advocates Human Rights in China.)

Food First (Institute for Food and Development Policy)

Global Exchange (Focuses on Fair Trade Issues, IMF-WTO-Corporate Responsibility, Reality Tours) (Making the world safe for hypocrisy)

Human Rights Watch (Works to end human rights abuses worldwide.)

Institute for Policy Studies (Multi-issue Progressive Think Tank)

International Rivers Network (Protection for the River-Based Way of Life)

International Campaign for Tibet (Promoes human rights and democracy for Tibet)

Jubilee 2000 (Advocating Debt Relief for third World Nations)

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns (Seeks to bring the voices of the Maryknoll community and those they serve to bear on U.S. decision making.)

Friends of the River Narmada and its People (Seeks to protect the river-based way of life)

The Preamble Center (Advocates Alternatives and Strategies to Corporate Globalization)

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (Uses psychological knowledge to promte peace.)

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA is a political-social organization of the Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and human rights ih fundamental ism blighted Afghanistan.)

School of the Americas Watch (Watches the School of the Americas Military Training Academy in Georgia and the Human Rights Violations of its Graduates, Advocaates Closing the School

Serendipity ( A libertarian (mostly)webite, dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals from authoritarian governments, exploitative capitalist corporations and intolerant religious organizations )

Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (International organization of torture survivors)

Veterans for Peace (An independent veterans organization emerging from the early legacies of the veterans antiwar movement.)

Washington Peace Center (Non-profit, anti-rascist, multi-issue peace and justice organization.)

Whirled Bank (Bank all in a frenzy)

Witness for Peace (politicaly independent, non-profit organization dedicated to principles of non-violence.)

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (Works towards radical restructuring of the press so that people, not corporations have freedom of the press.)

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom ( WILPF aims to bring together women of different political and philosophical convictions, united in their determination to study and make known and help abolish the political, social, economic and psychological causes of war and to work for a constructive peace.) )

World Commission on Dams (Advocacy Group for Those Displaced by Dam Projects)
Food For Thought

Skewers and Cafe Luna and Luna Books, Washington,D.C.Fine food, stimulating conversation with good friends surrounded by great books.
United Nations

Global Policy Forum( Monitors global policy making at the United Nations)
Global Directories

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